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Descoperă care sunt tweeturile care au obținut cele mai multe retweeturi de când s-a lansat Twitter, deși sunt din ultimii 3 ani.

12. O copie de profil a cântărețului Frank Ocean – 45.000 RTuri (contul e suspendat, dar poți vedea tweetul pe siteul favstar)

3 guys in Colorado died protecting their girlfriends. i don’t want to hear any girls saying that “All guys are the same.”

11. Liam Payne, membru One Direction – 54.000 RT-uri

10. Un cont care parodiază Instagram – 56.000 RT-uri


9. Dropbox – 59.000 RT-uri

8. Drake – 60.000 RT-uri

7. Astronomul Neil deGrasse Tyson – 62.000 RT-uri

6. Ariana Grande – 65.000 RT-uri

5. Louis Tomlinson (One Direction) – 79.000 RT-uri

4. Justin Bieber – 85.000 RT-uri

3. Earth Pics – 88.000 RT-uri

Retweet if you want to be part of our social experiment!” BUT! It featured a photograph that was just written text saying, “If you retweet this before September 1st, we will write your @username down on a piece of paper. They will get thrown of [sic] the Eiffel Tower, they will also get left in the London Underground, and some taped in public bathrooms all over the world. Hopefully someone will find your URL and send you a message telling you where they found it! Retweet if you want to be part of this social experiment!

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – 99.000 RT-uri

1. Ben Savage – 110.000 RT-uri

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